University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 35

Title: Fighting Gators in Training

Date: 1931

Black and white / sound

Running time: 00:08:55

Produced by Motion Picture Services, Inc. (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Cinematography: George W. Pettengill, III

Narrated by Frank S. Wright

Sound: Francis L. Hill

General Supervision: J. Harold Sommers

Music by University of Florida Band, Florida Collegians Orchestra, and Claude L. Murphree.

Available in VHS, DVD, DVCAM and mini-DV.

Derived from a 16 mm print of the 35mm original.  

This film is the oldest, extant, film and sound recording of the University of Florida.  The film includes footage of President John J. Tigert, III, Florida's third president.  Also recorded are Athletic Director Edgar Jones and football coach Charles Bachman.  The highlight of the film comes as the freshmen sing the Orange and Blue waving their rat caps as they do.  Most of the film deals with the football team as they train for the 1931 season.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.


0:00    Credits

0:32    An archway on campus with students greeting each other.

0:50    Tigert and Student Body President Selwyn Ives leave Anderson Hall.  Tigert discusses enrollment figures for the coming year.

2:00    Cheerleader leads freshmen in singing of Orange and Blue. 

2:30    Students play Washington and Lee Swing on accordion.

3:25    "Bobby Jones thing"  Student tucks his pants legs into socks.

3:40    Edgar Jones and Charles Bachman discuss team's prospects while walking in Florida Field.

4:15    Team members are depicted as they run up hill behind stadium.  Most players are identified.  Swimming pool and back of Infirmary are shown in the background.

5:20    Cheerleader leads cheer.  Afterwards students huddle around him and he reappears in black face.

5:50    Football practice: Tackling dummies, high stepping, blocking sled.

7:00    Practicing a play followed by scrimmage.

7:50    University of Florida Band marches and plays Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here.

8:10    1931 football schedule followed by information on tickets and note to support the team.

8:55    End


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