University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 32

Production title:  Campus Interior and Exterior Scenes


Total running time:  00:05:35

There is no production information.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

The film is probably outtakes for another film as there is no consistent theme but just a series of unrelated sequences.

The film begins with views of the University of Florida campus from above and then proceeds to some interior scenes.


0:00    Blank

0:06    Views of the UF campus from above.  The filming may have been done from the top of the University Auditorium.  Various buildings are shown from that vantage point.

0:56     Students walking and cycling and cars seen from above.

1:04    A campus overview

1:09    Blank

1:12    Close up of someone's hand holding a card

1:11    Close up of a shelf containing books.  The film is overexposed and the titles cannot be seen.  A young man in a dark blue suit looks at the books and takes one down from the shelf.  He turns a page or two and then sits down at a table, lays the book on the table and begins reading.

2:00    Blank

2:23    Book shelf seen again but the title seen on the binding of about eight of the books is that of The Yearling.

2:36    This same sequence is repeated four times

3:02    Construction on a tall building is shown and the raising and lowering of a platform.

3:39    A long corridor outside a building (Little Hall?) with several men seen walking in it is pictured.

4:04    A pond on campus

4:17    One of the Flavets is shown.

4:45    Another area of Flavets is shown which was filmed from a moving vehicle

5:04    Repeat of above

5:23    Interior of a room in a Flavet unit looking toward two windows.  Boxes are piled up in the area between the windows and some of the other Flavet units can be seen from the windows.

5:32    A kitchen in one of the Flavets.  There is one window and there is a view of a sink and cabinets.

5:35    End of film   


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