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Production number 29

Production title:  Religion in Life Week Activities

Production date:  1955

Black and white / no sound

Total running time:  00:03:25

There is no production information for this short film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Religion in Life Week Activities is a series of short clips showing some of the events which took place during the week in 1955.  Some of the speakers are shown and some of the gatherings in a fraternity house and in dormitories.

The film begins with students entering the Florida Gym for a convocation.  The University Choir is shown and then the speaker.  The scenes which follow show some of the invited speakers and students at the discussions in various places on the University of Florida campus.


0:00    Blank

0:19    Students shown entering Florida Gymnasium

    Interior of the gym with the University Choir singing led by the director

    Speaker (Ralph L. McGill) at the podium on the stage with men and women seated behind him

0:45    Banner outside the Florida Union - Religion-in-Life Week, February 13-17

1:00    Four men outside the Florida Union shake hands and talk.  Second from left is D. Elton Trueblood, third from left is Ralph L. McGill, and fourth from left is Rabbi Albert A. Michels.

1:40    A discussion leader shown inside a building with a large window behind him.

    Some students are shown in a room

2:00    A woman leads a discussion.  A plaque on the wall is shown - ZBT (Zeta Beta Tau).

2:05    People seated at a table with a man standing and lecturing

2:13    Lion statue outside the SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) fraternity house and then the plaque is seen

    Students at tables inside the SAE house probably participating in one of the dinner discussions

    Student walks from one of the dormitories

    A dormitory discussion session with Father Thomas A. Carlin seated and students seated nearby

2:52    The exterior of one of the dormitories at night

    A lecturer (possibly inside the same dormitory) who might be Kenneth S. Keyes

3:00    The exteriors of student religious centers shown

    Baptist Student Center

    Episcopal Student Center (?)

    Hillel Center

3:35    Film ends and screen goes blank


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