University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 28

Production title:  Adapting the Atom to Florida Progress

Production date:  ca. 1962


Total running time:  00:28:17

Producer:  Douglas Martin

Photography:  Bill Breeze

Narrator:  Dr. Lester Hale

Music:  U of F Department of Music

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Adapting the Atom to Florida Progress is a promotional film about the nuclear science programs at the University of Florida. The film begins with the introduction by Governor Farris Bryant and then proceeds to show the various research applications of nuclear science in the fields of medicine, energy and agriculture.  Safety precautions are also covered.  The film depicts various labs, lab equipment, and an irradiator.



0:00    Blank

0:16    State flag

0:21    Governor Farris Bryant seated at a desk.  He speaks and mentions the value of nuclear science and the lead that the State of Florida has taken in this field.

1:57    The title of the film appears and then the name of Dr. George K. Davis, Director of Nuclear Activities and a  list of others who assisted in the production of the film

2:40    Various lab scenes, equipment, and lab workers are shown

3:10    J. Hillis Miller Health Center building.  Nuclear medicine is mentioned as being most important.

3:29    Lab with a woman in a white lab coat getting something from a cabinet

3:55    A woman (patient) drinks out of a cup containing radioactive iodine 131 in water.  Scanning machine is shown being used on the patient while a lab technician or doctor stands to the side.

4:34    Scanned image is shown from which a diagnosis will be made

4:42    Exterior of Animal Nutrition Laboratory building

4:50    Biology lab with equipment and lab researchers shown in a sequence with verbal explanations of an amino acid study

6:30    Morestein Column shown with a researcher pouring a solution into the top

8:17    Sequence of a research study of barley - what would take place if a nuclear attack

9:34    Irradiator on UF campus shown from above

9:51    Drawing of a model of the irradiator

10:03    Barley seeds shown sprouting through the use of time lapse photography.  Stunted growth of seeds irradiated shown

10:35    Van de Graaff accelerator shown

    Man in a lab coat

    Nose cone applied to accelerator

11:56    Repeat of nose cone being applied - a flaw in the film

12:03    Radiation chemistry with lab scene, beakers, test tubes

13:25    Irradiation cell shown

14:17    Nuclear fission lab

    Chalk board with diagrams

14:50    Radiation chamber shown

16:00    Reactor

16:05    Men in lab coats working with reactor

17:22    Neutron flux study with reactor in operation

18:25    Slide rule shown

18:37    Mechanical hands being used to work with various items

19:42    Mechanical hands draw the letters UF on a piece of paper

19:49    Reactor shown again and a lab worker

20:31    Linear Electron Accelerator and various scenes in the control room

21:39    Radiation committee seated at a table - discuss safety factors

22:25    Radiation control officer shown.  His job is to oversee all areas and check them for possible radiation hazards as sink areas, floor coverings, exhaust fans and ducts, radioactive waste materials

23:51    Geiger counter - shown being checked for proper function

24:09    Radiation detector - smears taken from different areas and then checked

24:49    Radiation control officer looks into a large freezer chest which houses part of the radiation detector.

25:29    Detecting equipment shown

26:27    Fountain pen sized docimeter shown

26:39    Caption:  George K. Davis, Dir. of Nuclear Activities, University of Florida

26:45    Dr. Davis is shown seated at a desk with book cases behind him.  He speaks about the nuclear science program.

27:53    State flag shown

28:00    Century Tower (top part) shown silhouetted

28:17    End of film


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