University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 27a

Production title:  [Design, Building Plans and Construction of the Florida State Museum, part 1]

Production date:  ca. 1970

Black and white

Total running time:  00:18:35

Derived from 16mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

The film Design, Building Plans and Construction of the Florida State Museum provides  documentation on the building of Dickinson Hall, formerly the site of the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Florida State Museum.  The focus throughout is on the plans and the activity of men and machines at the construction site.

This is the first part of the film. Subsequent footage appears on production number 27b.


0:00    Blank

0:23    A tractor moves soil in the dug out area of the site

1:15    Operation of the huge crane

    Overview of site

    Crane lifts steel beam

    Workers and construction equipment

3:10    View of site from above with massive honeycombed ground floor level

    A man looks at plans

    The crane hoists a large metal object

5:14    Beaty Towers (twin towers) and other nearby buildings shown

5:20    Construction site with steel girders lying on the ground

5:35    Two men in an office - one in a dark suit seated at a desk and the other man in a light colored suit to the left

    Both have a discussion and look at a book

    Both get up and go to a drafting table.  One of the men draws on a large sheet of paper in a sketch book

8:20    Plans of a building shown and then a stack of plans

    The man in the light color suit writes notes on the plans

    The name Wm. Morgan - architect is seen on one of the pages

9:45    The name Florida State Museum is shown on a large architectural drawing

    The man in the light colored jacket (possibly William Morgan) points to various parts on the drawing

11:05    Construction site


    Overview of site

    Three men wearing hard hats discuss

    View of site from above

    Closer view of site and individual workers

    Distant view of huge crane and the building site

    Three men shown again

14:35    Building site is shown with workers using equipment

15:30    Tractor shown moving soil

16:05    More distant view of site, a road, and a tall building to the left

    Views alternate between closer views of the work at the site and distant views of the site

17:45    A sign at the construction site is shown with the following information

    Florida State Museum

    University of Florida

    National Science Foundation Grant 68 4779

    State Project 0227

    The Auchter Company

    Forrest M. Kelley, Jr. ALA Architect to the Board of Regents

    William M. Morgan Associate Architect

    C.L. Kloats (?) area Gainesville zone director

18:35    Film ends


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