University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 26

Production title:  Where Florida Prepares for the Future

Production date:  1951

Black and white / sound

Total running time:  00:22:15

Written by:  Mabel Lawrence

Produced and directed by:  Don Parisher

Narrator:  Walter "Red" Barber

Cameraman:  Ken Stambaugh

Film Editor:  Julian Bergman

Sound:  Emil Velazco

Music:  University of Florida Band and Glee Club

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Where Florida Prepares for the Future is a promotional film which features the qualities of the University of Florida as seen in the campus buildings and programs as well as the attractiveness of the city.  The film was aimed at prospective students especially those from outside the state.

The film begins with the main campus entry gate and proceeds to show many of the buildings on campus (exteriors and occasionally interiors) and the narrator mentions the academic programs.  Various aspects of the city are mentioned and shown including areas outside Gainesville such as Silver Springs.


0:10    Credits overlay a campus scene and the main entry gate

0:30    Students shown walking on campus in various areas

    Bryan Hall

    Interior of Bryan Hall

1:45    Overview of buildings on campus from above

    Parking lot with students walking by

    The new dorms for women

    The new dorms for men

    Student Service Center (the HUB) exterior

    Student Service Center interior with view of cafeteria and students in line

3:40    Florida Union

    Tigert Hall

4:08    J. Hillis Miller, president of UF

4:14    Vice president John Allen

4:20    J. Hillis Miller with a woman student

4:30    Weil Hall

    Interior scene in lab in Weil Hall

4:45    Fields with two people in the field - Agricultural program mentioned

5:05    Wood and a shed - School of Forestry is mentioned

5:26    Weil Hall seen from above

5:48    Radar equipment for hurricane tracking

    Sewage treatment plant

6:19    Moot Court scene

6:44    Matherly Hall - Business College

6:51    P.K. Yonge - interior scene with students

7:12    Seagle Building

    Publications of General Extension Division and offices

7:54    Library card catalog area

8:10    Florida State Museum - a bird display inside

8:23    Several churches near campus

8:51    University Auditorium

9:07    Man on stage in University Auditorium

9:24    Scene from a play - rehearsal of Florida Players

9:37    Painting class scene

9:40    Craft shop scene

10:04    Ceramics being removed from a kiln

10:18    Department of Speech classroom scene

10:36    School of Journalism classroom scene - students shown writing

10:45    University Library - Library East

11:01    A street in Gainesville

11:03    Aerial views of Gainesville

11:35    Civic leaders - a group of men seated around a table

11:59    Methods of transportation

    A train

    A plane at the airport

12:26    Men in uniform shown

12:40    Hotels and residences in downtown Gainesville

12:45    Public school scenes

    Children walking outside on walkway

    Interior classroom scene

13:12    Homes in the duck pond area near downtown Gainesville

13:39    Trees, plants, flowers

13:59    Fraternity houses

14:23    Florida Union

14:22    Cows

14:45    Railroad and businesses

14:49    Beach scene with young people

15:12    Silver Springs - glass bottom boat on the river

15:20    Fishing scene with boat and men catching fish

16:15    Gainesville Country Club

16:30    Horse track

16:35    State Theater

16:40    Tigert Hall

16:47    Florida Gym

16:59    Basketball players in Florida Gym on basketball court

17:12    Physical Education program - sports scenes

    Football action

    Golf - women playing

    Tennis - men on courts

    Volleyball - women playing


18:07    ROTC program - men in uniform pictured marching on field

18:28    Lake Wauberg - example of recreation available



18:55    Infirmary building

19:08    Nurses and patients in infirmary

19:12    Pharmacy program - lab scene

19:36    Homecoming celebration - parade

    Cars carrying various dignitaries

    Floats - one with revolving ferris wheel

20:15    Scenes from annual Legislative Barbecue

20:25    Stadium

    Football fans in stands

    Team members seated on bench on the sidelines

    Football action

    Card section

21:35    Sunday worship - churches

21:55    University Auditorium - sound of Glee Club singing the "Alma Mater"

21:56    Street scene with cars

22:15    Sunset

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