University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 23

Production title:  Opportunity for Tomorrow

Negative / no sound

Total running time:  00:10:00

Presented by:  The Friends of the University of Florida.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Negative outtakes for a film entitled Opportunity for Tomorrow.  The clips depict campus scenes including interior and exterior views of buildings, students, and classroom scenes. 


0:00    Black screen

0:28    View for cars on a road on the UF campus taken from inside a car through the windshield.  The title "Opportunity for Tomorrow" comes on the screen.

1:20    Tigert Hall

1:30     Students walking on campus

1:45    A street

2:15    Exteriors of buildings

    Tigert Hall



    Various unidentified buildings

    Weil Hall

3:30    Blank screen

4:26    Various views of students, a hall in a building, and a classroom and a professor.

5:00    Blank screen

5:45    Dauer Hall

    Older dormitory


    A man in a field examining plants

    Lab scene

    Temporary building

    A dormitory room

    Drafting class

    A lab class and professor

8:48    Blank screen

9:55    Students walk on a path near a building

    Exterior of Library East

    Library East study hall on the first floor

    The Grand Reading Room on the second floor showing a young woman at one of the tables with the mural by Hollis Holbrook on the north wall.

10:34    Film ends

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