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Production number 21

Production title:  [Fighting Gator Band half time shows]

Production date:  ca. 1954

Total running time:  00:18:15

Color /black and white/ no sound

There is no production information other than the name of the photographer, Ralph Sneeringer.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

The film consists of a series of University of Florida band half time shows in Florida Field and other football stadiums.  Some of the film footage is in black and white.


0:00    The UF band is on the football field and different formations as an anchor are made.

1:45    An earlier film in black and white (at night) shows the band.  Some dancers in Mexican costumes do a routine.

4:00    A poster appears with the words "Kentucky vs. Florida", "photography by Ralph Sneeringer".  The band, baton twirlers, and card section are shown.  The band members form the word "Dixie" on the football field.

10:00    A football program - "Georgia vs Fl., November 6, 1954, price 35 cents".  The band and dancers are shown. In each end zone are the words "Gator Bowl".

12:25    Poster with the title "Tennessee Florida Homecoming". (Either Tennessee's homecoming on Nov. 13, 1954 or University of Florida's on November 12, 1955).  The band, band conductor, and majorettes are shown.

15:35    Another band show with two bands on the field at first.  A sign states "Florida in Miami" (Nov. 18, 1953?) and "photography Ralph Sneeringer".  The card section forms words as "Miami" and "Gator Band".  The band marches off the field.

18:15    Film ends.

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