University of Florida Moving Image Collection

Production Number 19

Production Title:  1960 Gator Bowl half-time show

Production date:  1960


Total running time:  00:05.45

Derived from 16 mm film.

There is no credit information given.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

The film shows the University of Florida Band half-time show at the Gator Bowl on December 31, 1960.  There are both aerial views of the band and baton twirlers as well as close ups.  The formations on the field as a bell, a clock, and others are shown and the music is coordinated with the image in the formation.  For instance, some holiday music and "Jingle Bells" is played when the bell is formed.  Some alarm clock bells type music (as "I Hate to Get up in the Morning") is played when the clock is formed with the "hands" pointing to 6 o'clock.  The tubas are shown and each instrument has an orange circle with a blue letter "F" over the bell.  The Baylor University band in the stands is shown briefly.  As the band marches to the end of the field a short medly of some fight songs are played.  Once the band and baton twirlers are at the end of the field the Confederate flag is held by a drum major and "Dixie" is played complete with the baton twirlers routine and the crowd in the stands rising to their feet and cheering and applauding.  The UF band then marches off the field.

Part of the University of Florida Marching Gator Band Collection.

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