University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 18

Production title:  Florida campuses.

Production date: ca. 1960

Black and white

Total running time:  00:36:40

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

This film consists of unedited footage intended for a promotional film. At approximately 18:30 there is a printed message reading, "The Florida Educational Television Network Presents Spotlight on Research". 

The film shows scenes on the University of Florida campus such as buildings (exteriors and sometimes interiors) and students.  Other campuses shown are Jacksonville University and Central Florida Junior College.


0:00    Windows in a building

    A long building

0:55    Blank

1:06    Building

    Sign "Office of the Architect"

    Building E - temporary building

    Another temporary building

    Tigert Hall

    Yulee Hall area office

    Women students walk away from dorm area

    Mallory Hall

    Green houses and Century Tower in background

    Another building (McCarty Hall?)

4:28    Jacksonville University - a sign

    Campus scenes

    Interior of library

    Swisher Science Building

    Nelms Science Building

    Founders Building

    University Council Building

    Wolfsen Student Center

    Alex Brest Field (baseball)

    Tennis courts

    Swisher Auditorium

7:20    Central Florida Junior College - sign

    Campus scenes

8:07    Blank

8:26    UF Campus

    Leigh Hall with temporary structure

    Peabody Hall

    Benton Hall (?)

11:10    Blank

11:14    Sign outside Tigert Hall

    Tigert Hall

    Walker Hall (?)

    Temporary building

    Temporary building at Library East (Smathers Library)

    Another temporary building

    Another building with young children playing on small jungle gym

13:15    Central Florida Junior College - sign

    Scenes of campus

14:04    Site of Central Florida Junior College - sign

    Scenes of campus and buildings

15:05    Jacksonville University - sign

    Scenes of campus and buildings

15:25    Site of Projected Fine Arts Building - sign

    Site of Projected Ampitheater - sign

    A building

    Sign in a phone booth

    Lab with specimens in jars

    Older style classroom

18:32    Title - The Florida Educational Television Network Presents Spotlight on Research

18:50    Blank

19:08    Various unidentified scenes - flowers, palm, side of a temporary building

20:14    Campus Directory map in glass case outside a building

20:22    Various scenes as a young boy wearing a safety patrol badge, scenes possibly at
    P.K. Yonge Lab School, students at UF campus

    J. Hillis Miller Health Center sign

22:05    View of J. Hillis Miller Health Center building

    Barrel with writing on it - 10 MPH FLAVET

    A three storey building

23:04    Bless Auditorium sign

    Flowers by UF entry wall

23:42    Sigma Chi house

23:50    Tigert Hall

24:40    Other buildings as a dorm and an older dorm

25:50    Blank

26:05    "Information" sign

    Buildings and students

    Cars driving by Tigert Hall

27:30    Construction at Bryan Hall

28:21    Blank

28:31    Library East study hall (first floor?)

29:04    Blank

29:12    Students walk down a dimly lit stair case in some building

30:00    Front entrance of Peabody Hall

    Interior of some building with equipment

    Models of buildings

    Sign - "A Tourist Attraction" with display

31:41    A campus map with detail of printing on an area - "Architecture, Social Science,

31:52    Building I - temporary building with various exterior and interior scenes

34:02    Door inside a builidng with names on it - Mount, Wirtz, Brown, Trost

34:25    Blank

34:35    University Auditorium

    Students walking by Murphree statue seen from above

    Peabody Hall (?)
    Campus Shop and Bookstore

    Florida Gym


    Weil Hall

    Stadium building

36:37    Conclusion of film
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