University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 14

Production title:  Outtakes from Miracle on Thirteenth Street

Production date:  ca. 1965

Color / no sound

Total running time:  00:26:30

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

The scenes depicted here are outtakes for the film "Miracle on Thirteenth Street".  Sequences include the campus water treatment facility, the coastal engineering wave lab, other lab scenes, a classroom scene, the G. C. Murphy Co. store and parking lot, and Stephen C. O'Connell speaking. 

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.


0:00    A large cylinder

0:20    Two men wearing safety goggles working with equipment in a lab.

1:13    Two men walk to a control box and inspect it.

1:40    The above scene is repeated.

2:21    The same two men on a walkway above the water treatment facility.

3:15    Circular logo on a door.  The words are backwards but read, "Water at your service".

4:00    Two men in the preceding sequence appear and shake hands by the door.

4:38    Three men in a lab with equipment.

5:35    Some sort of lab.

6:19    University Placement Service building exterior

6:21    Young man in a room talking to someone

6:55    Books on a desk

7:22    Student reads a magazine and listens to a record. Leisure time activities for students available on campus.

7:50    Same action repeated

8:25    Young man plays a guitar and several men listen

8:39    Coastal engineering wave lab with equipment, water, one man by the wave area and two to the right side.

9:56    Same view of wave lab and three men

10:48   Dorm room with two young men looking at an open book

11:04   Young man playing a guitar

11:27    A professor in his office with book lined shelves.

11:38    Blank

11:46    Classroom scene with Dr. Manning Dauer and four male and one female student seated at a table taking notes.

12:02    Tall tower structures by a lake.  One man starts to climb a ladder attached to one of the towers.

12:35    Cows in a field

13:19    G.C. Murphy Co. building with the parking lot and houses visible behind the store.

14:45    A four lane street with traffic and stores on each side of the street.

16:32    Different view of the street from above

17:10    Man at tennis courts by stadium building.  Then three women are shown playing doubles with the fourth woman never shown.

18:35    Two men in a room

18:50    A hand points to a map of the UF campus - the hand is that of Stephen C. O'Connell's.

19:15    Repeat of former clip

19:42    Drawing of  J. Wayne Reitz Union showing the Union building, the pond, and Constans Theatre.

20:09    Stephen C. O'Connell speaks.  Several retakes.  On the third one he holds a copy of the 1960 Seminole and opens it to show the pictures on pages 338 and 339.

23:31    Large drawing of UF campus on wall and a hand gestures at the drawing

23:46    Stephen C. O'Connell speaks again and the drawing is behind him.

25:30    Film ends


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