University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 13

Production title:  [Outtakes to Where the Future Begins]

Production date: ca. 1965

Color / no sound

Total running time: 00:21:50

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DVcam.

Outtakes to Where the Future Begins, Production Number 77.    See that film for production information. The image quality on the outtakes is often superior to the finished film.

The film was heavily spliced.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archives.


0:00    blank

0:20    Jacksonville

1:20    Centennial banner followed by campus scenes and Century Tower

1:50    Quarry, mining operation

2:10    Entrance to campus

2:40    Beach

3:10    Miami

3:30    Storm damage

4:10    Coastal engineering followed by more beach scenes

5:20    Agricultural images

8:30    Sunshine Skyway followed by pre-stressed concrete

9:10    Rocket followed by laboratory shots.  Chemistry professor Harry H. Sisler is depicted.

10:10  Bahamas Field Station, electrical engineering

11:30  Museum of Natural History specimens

12:15  Turtles, Archie Carr

12:30  Archealogical excavation at Woodruff Dam site

13:20  J. Hillis Miller Health Center

14:30  Snakes, milking venom from rattlesnake, more shots of Health Center

15:40  Ocean

16:30  Nuclear training reactor

18:00  Radio Astronomy, computer punch cards

19:45  Library Director Stanley West with painter Hollis Holbrook followed by shot of Samuel Proctor emerging from vault in Library East

20:30  Highland Court Manor

20:50  Classroom, History professor John A. Harrison talking

21:30  Century Tower and Auditorium


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