University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 12

Production title:  [Centennial Celebration, Parades, Dedications and Ground Breakings]

Production date:  1953, 1951, and perhaps other years.

Color / black and white / no sound

Total running time:  00:32:00

No production or other credits given

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Several film clips spliced together on a single core depicting different events at the University of Florida in the early 1950s. The first film, in color, has some footage of the Centennial Celebration and a few of the events such as speeches and dedications and ground breakings which were a part of that celebration.  There are three films which follow the initial film and they alternate in black and white, color, and lastly black and white.  These three films (especially the first of the three) include a confusing potpourri of images.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archives.


0:00    Introduction with a sign:  "Site of Boys Barracks and parade ground East Florida Seminary 1896"

        Barbecue scenes - barbecue held in front of old East Florida Seminary

0.52    People listening to speaker on a flag decorated platform

1.12    Stone plaque in ground unveiled.  Statement on plaque.
        "University of Florida 1953-1953
        site of East Florida Seminary 1866-1905"

        Three women seated.  The woman in the middle in a wheel chair is Mrs. Margaret C. Dreka, the oldest living coed of Florida

1:38    People on a platform shake hands

1:41    General Van Fleet (on same platform) speaks to audience

2:10    Three rows of men posing

2:40    Some men get into a jeep - General Van Fleet, J. Hillis Miller, and others

2:48    Jeep stops on field by the Stadium building and the men get out.
        Men in uniform march on same field

        Spectators at event

3:55    Man on platform speaks into a microphone

4:10    People on a field

4:15    Flag unfurled above a plaque.  "location South Florida Military College - founded 1894 by Gen. E. M. Law.

4:35    Some men

4:48    Sign reading, "Site of Century Tower"

4:58    Man speaks at a microphone and then another man 

        John J. Tigert seen among a group of people

        Another speaker

5:29    People pose with shovels for ground breaking for Century Tower (include John J. Tigert, J. Hillis Miller, Terrell Sessums (president of the student body), Senator W.A. Shands, R.J. Bishop, Dean Beaty, and Samuel Proctor.

        Very rigorous digging activity with the shovels

6:07    University Auditorium

6:16    Film ends

6:20    Black and white film.  Parade (possibly Christmas Parade).  This film intermixes scenes from what appears to be the Christmas Parade with those of the 1951 Homecoming Parade.

        Children from Sidney Lanier march

        Children from Kirby Smith march

        Float - GHS


        Santa Claus on a float

        Continuation of parade but now is the Homecoming Parade of 1951

        More footage of the Christmas Parade

9:50    Gator Growl from 1951 - skits are mixed up

        Homecoming parade again

10:30    Group of men

10:48    Men painting


        Gator Growl skits

11:15    Crowd of students on sidewalk at a booth

11:30    Book opened to a page with the word "Greeks"

11:35    Campus scene

        Several men in suits

12:01    Crowd, band, statue on a pedestal

12:10    Parade

12:20    Band on field

12:40    Color film. Half time band show in Florida Field.  The images alternate among crowds in the stands, the card section, the band on the field doing formations, and baton twirler routines.

20:52    Black and white film. Florida Field and half time show.  As in the color footage the images alternate among the card section, the band doing formations, football players running out onto the field, dancers, and the conductor on a platform near the stands.

27:06    Parade

            Float with revolving cake with women on the bottom tier

            "Centennial Celebration" - words on another float


29:30    Swimcapades

            Water ballet

            Diving display

            Clowns on diving board

32:00    Film ends


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