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Production Number 11

Production Title:  1950 Homecoming Events and miscellaneous historical footage.

Production date: 1950 and ?

Color / Black and White / no sound

Total running time:  00:15:50

There are no production or other credits included.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

This consists of two films with the first one in color showing campus scenes, the 1950 Homecoming Parade and some other events.  The second film is in black and white with a potpourri of campus scenes (buildings, students).


0:00    Campus buildings

        Entrance to UF Campus (brick wall)

        Tigert Hall

        Flavet Village sign

        Leigh Hall

        Florida Union (now Dauer Hall)

        Women's Gym

        Stadium (construction shown)

        Churches near campus

        Wesley Foundation of the Methodist Church (sign and building)

2:20     Cows - various scenes

3:35    Building of Division of Music (former the "New Gym")



4:06    Three men walk out of a building

        Billy Matthews to the right

4:27    Homecoming parade

        Dignitaries on cars (in one car a woman holds a small Confederate flag)




        Floats (one has a turning ferris wheel with a woman in each car)


        Horses and horse drawn carriage

        Viewing stand


7:55    Group of men in suits

        George A. Smathers

8:25    Swimcapades

        Sign by pool - Swim Capades 1950

        Gymnasts on bar in pool

        Women in red suits and red caps with horns do a dance by poolside

        Feats on the trampoline by the pool

10:30    Florida Field

        Bands and band member formations

        Card section - spell out "Go Gators"

10:37    Blank screen

10:42    Black and white film

        Campus scenes

        Various buildings



        Building I (temporary building) - students descend outside stair

        Construction at two sites


        Stadium building at Florida Field

        Tigert Hall


12:56    Classroom scenes


        Test situation (students work in cubicles)

        Tigert Hall

        Dorms (old and new)

        Florida Gym

        Stadium (completed with the press area)

        Florida Union (now Dauer Hall)


        Library East (now Smathers Library)

        First floor reading room in Library East

        Grand reading room in Library East

        Woman at one of the tables in the grand reading room - Holbrook's mural on the wall behind

15:50    The End

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